Скульптуры и скульпторы

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James Mathison

For several years now, James Mathison (Caracas, 1966) has been tirelessly evolving the human theme, that bodily shell which every so often cries out for spiritual reappraisal. Heads, arms and hands prefigure the unfinished humanity of the subject, perched atop the abyss. There it sits, a blank page waiting for the artist to etch or emboss its surface with lines, text, hollows, grids, warps and wefts. Whatever the case, the human body — either fragmented or whole — is the centrepiece of his proposal. However, if you look carefully you can distinguish between certain moments or stages that relate to notions of matter, spirit, time, language and consciousness. The head is a vaulted and unpredictable world in which the subject finds a fortified dwelling with which to enclose itself or its own “sky” for internal flights.

Josep Bofill Moliné

Barcelona, 1942, is a sculptor, painter and draftsman. One register in the School of Arts and Offices (School Market) of Barcelona in 1958, of which one received the master’s degree with honorary diploma. In 1983 he made an «Allegory of Saint George» for the Palau de la Generalitat, in Barcelona. Since then, he has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, national and international. His works can be found in public and private institutions, museums and private collections, such as the Museu de Cidade d’Almada, the Fundació Vila Casas or the Cercle del Liceu in Barcelona, the Diputació de Barcelona or the Generalitat de Catalunya. He has also created public sculptures that can be found, among other places, in Girona and Vallromanes, in the Plaza de Sant Braulio in Zaragoza or, outside Spain, in Switzerland, among others. Josep Bofill works with a wide variety of materials, such as resin or cement, metals such as iron, bronze or stainless steel, photographs and paintings. He has also introduced lighting in his sculptures, and the use of LEDs, sometimes interactively, in his sculptures and paintings, many of which are made with mixed media.


Creation of a work of art between two artists is complicated, there has to be a predisposition that allows two personalities to fit together artistically. A single voice without any ego, two sensibilities engaged in a dialogue; four hands, those of Joan and Javier, capable of developing pieces that move between daydreaming and reality. The project uniting these two artists is unusual, as honest and authentic as their works.
Joan Coderch was born in Castellar del Vallès, Barcelona (1959), and graduated from Barcelona’s School of Fine Arts in 1984.
Javier Malavia was born in Oñati, Guipúzcoa (1970), and obtained his degree from the Saint Charles School of Fine Arts in Valencia in 1993.
Their individual journey as sculptors led them to coincide in the workshops of a large company dedicated to artistic production. There they discovered their shared affinities and coincidences in both the artistic field and personal life. In 2015, they finally decided to embark on this project that would take them to various benchmark maestros in the world of figurative art, such as Maillol, Rodin, Marini and Bourdelle.
Thus, their aesthetic discourse revolves around human beings, their material focuses on bronze, and their quest is excellence. Taken from life models, their sculptural pieces display not only a figurative result, but the exploration of different human attitudes towards life. Those viewing the works by Coderch & Malavia will have the good fortune to enjoy the encounter between these two concepts, figure and attitude, always making the artistic experience as unique and singular as it is special.
Despite their short career, Coderch & Malavia have participated in multiple collective and individual exhibitions, obtaining several selections and recognitions in both national and international contests. Their works form part of museums and private collections in different countries on five continents.
Joan and Javier currently live and work in Valencia.
Discover sculptures from them in Blanes, L’Arcada Galeria d’Art.