Fernando Daza

The magic of paper

The artist uses hand torn paper for his creations. Before now, he used a monochromatic colour, but now he combines 2 colours, a soft colour and another stronger. The contrast provides a work of mixed language where you can observe the calm and subtlety of soft colours broken by the vigour of the strongest tones such as dark grey and black.
He creates a more linear work by cutting the paper with a cutter because the cuts are straighter, but not exempt from beauty. The superposition of shapes and the shadows created by the separation of the different lines do not leave the viewer indifferent. The geometric and Cartesian structure offers balance and order in all his works.
His taste for beauty and harmony always appears in his creations. These creations remind the viewer of reminiscences of Japanese culture. Fernando Daza’s work possesses an undeniable savoir-faire. He achieves works of great subtlety and beauty applying great artistic creativity and using just a few sheets of paper.