Laia Bedós Bonaterra

The Machines of happiness. Laia Bedós Bonaterra
Do you need more joy ?
Would you like to give away or give someone this energy so special?
Now you can give away a “machine of happiness”!
Here I present a series of paintings called “machines of happiness”.
Each picture is like a living being, a machine that transmits certain energy, a presence.

One day I had a dream:

“I paint pictures that have the power to help people making them happier”
The paintings have the power to make people happy. To transmit the desire to live.
And I did it. I painted with this intention, with those desires, with this illusion.
The machines of happiness transmit strength, thrust and joy!

Laia Bedós Bonaterra (1975)
Painter who she is expert in painting and emotions, has a long experience giving workshops in the field of organizations, companies and education and exhibiting in galleries. Graduated in Fine Arts, she has done a Master’s degree “On the game in Art” and the postgraduate “Therapy based on emotions.”